Lynda J.

Somerville, MA

Holy Jesus! This place rocks.

I'm back in Lennox for the holidays and I'm craving pupusas like crazy. I'm half Salvadoran, so I figure I know something about Salvadoran food. Anyway, My mom and I were on our way to our usual pupusa place, when we decided to go try the new place in our hood. Super yum! Not greasy and quick friendly service. My mom and I had a satisfying meal and spent $12. Like the person below, I tipped big because the service was awesome. I'm going back for sure!! 

​Somerville, MA
5.0 star rating
Updated - 1/13/2011

Went back with a highschool friend for some pupusas and good times. Everything I said is still true. The proprietor is really attentive and super nice. I'm glad to see this place thriving in Lennox

Elise F.
Los Angeles, CA
YUMMMY!!! A modern /homey restaurant right between the crenshaw area and the airport . As you walk in you immediately notice all the other customers are not just Hispanic .Good sign that everyone enjoys the yummy goodness .order pupusas regular cheese, cheese and loroco ,cheese and pork, and the new one for me chicken! i was raised by a Salvy grandma and had never had one of those. The most amazing pastilitos of my life. One of my friends orders the chicken plate and she ate the whole thing. Fatty!!! I must mention that if you are waiting for your food for a bit you get the most amazing appetizer.
My family and friends are not heavy drinkers but ; )
they have a variety of beer for a good price.It's not just the regular Heine and corona they have ethnic beers . A huge beer that you can share called Regia. We usuauly order 2 ......maybe 3 =)
My mom likes the soups there ,they are huge!
The bill is cheap we couldn't believe it the first time Waiter is lucky because the cheap bill doesn't make us cheap tippers .Good food ,cheap beer and safe parking . This Fatty is in love!
I can hear the pupusa's cheesy goodness and pastiltos calling my name. I MADE MYSELF HUNGRY . did I MENTION they deliver! I loath you in the area that can get it delivered...SIGH

Melissa G.

Sylmar, CA

Can't speak about the restaurant itself, but the food, most importantly is fantastic!

Cheese Pupusas were some of the best I've had and the platanos w/ crema were delicious!!

Really tasty, fresh, and just simply awesome. Couldnt ask for a better meal...

josh b.

Los Angeles, CA
4.0 star rating
3/6/2011 1 photo

Was serving jury duty nearby and stopped in for lunch... The place is super clean with a lot of love put into it... The roast chicken, rice and bean special and the chicharon y quesso pupusas were both very good... the green salsa is the bomb... I have been back twice for lunch... Highly recommended... Good food.. Good people... Very clean and nice

Lionel G.

Los Angeles, CA
5.0 star rating

I normally order for delivery and not only are they always prompt and correct on the orders, but they are super friendly and nice. The food it self is spectacular. They have a great variety of choices and each one is delicious. I would definitely recommend trying this place.


Susan D.

Burbank, CA
5.0 star rating

everything ive had is amazing. the pupusas are delish!!! ive been back 3 times. will be back again.